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Bob and Martha was formed in the summer of 2012 in an explosive firework of creativity and kittens.  Self-described "old souls" from Brooklyn, NY, Aparna Muralidharan and Dan Bonsignore found each other on the internet before meeting at the Zombie Hut in Gowanus, BK.  After a few beers, these two kindred spirits bonded over a mutual love of loop pedals (also kittens). After several hours spent in a basement rehearsal space, Bob and Martha emerged, executing poppy yet haunting melodies over complex and multitudinous guitar loops.   Joe Rath joined the band in 2014, providing booming bass lines to fill out the  complex sound, which has since been described as psychedelic pop or experimental meditation-rock. It evokes similarities to Bjork, the Doors, and Modest Mouse.  Bob and Martha is currently an active force within the Brooklyn music scene and is planning a small tour of the Northeast in the spring.

Bob and Martha at Northside Festival

See schedule.


First Date with Bob and Martha

"I love music that is accessible and catchy and I try to pump some of these pop vibes into my own Bob and Martha melodies."

-The Vinyl District


Peer Reviewed Music

"Bob and Martha sound like some forward-thinking hip hop crew from 1987, fronted by The Magnetic Fields' Claudia Gonson."

-Brook Pridemore


We Leave- Audio Premiere

"Especially on tracks like “We Leave”, which you can exclusively stream below, the band’s brand of lo-fi, charming pop more than lives up to the

image of a firework of kittens."



Bob and Martha on Serazard

"That very night, I would be introduced to Aparna and Dan, who performed together as Bob and Martha. We watched them play, and I bought their CD. The rest is history.”

- Serazard


Bob and Martha Release New Video for Pillowfight

"Bob & Martha are a psychedelic pop duo from Brooklyn, New York who make experimental gothic pop dressed in psychedelia and nostalgia."

Music News Nashville


Video Premiere: Bob and Martha – Pillowfight

"The EP is characterised by brooding, longing and loneliness, extrapolated in psychedelic indie-pop tracks crafted with tension, cohesion and flow."

- Happy (Vice music blog)


Ragers & Rock Shows: CMJ 2014 DIY Guide

"if you’re feeling nostalgic you can catch them live in Williamsburg at Williamsburg (which didn’t actually open until 2012- so there’s a modern twist) Wednesday 10.22 with Happy Lives, Bob and Martha, The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman, Water, Scherzo & Girls In Love."

-Dingus on Music


10.17.13 Mixtape // Bob & Martha

"Goth-folk duo Bob & Martha curates this week’s zig-zaggy mixtape. It honors the hope gasping for air in the wake of a breakup."



Experimental Meditation-Rock Done Well​​

"The tracks build tension and strain, as the songs complacently lead into each other building for a tight flow and a sense of fluidity."

-The Levity Ball​​​​​

Bob and Martha EP Review

"This EP was exceptional and I am really excited to see what else this band will offer us in the future. In the meantime I have it on repeat."

-Indie Music Album Reviews

EP Review

"This EP is full of good ideas and the grit of the recording also gives it some kind of lo-fi charm. If this pair sticks together, interesting things might happen!"

-The Bandcamp Diaries​

Psychadelic gothic pop! We are kind of romantic, kind of enchanting, but mostly really fun and exciting.


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